👾What is BitU Protocol?

$BITU: The high yield stablecoin. Secure, resilient & backed with Bitcoin.

Introducing BitU Protocol:

BitU is a crypto-native collateralized stablecoin protocol that leverages off-chain liquidity and efficiency to deliver higher yield.

BitU or BitU Protocol refers to the protocol or the project itself, while $BITU or BITU (in all capital letters) refers to the token.

BitU Protocol enables users to mint $BITU, a secure, resilient, and Bitcoin-backed stablecoin designed to provide reliable yields with minimal volatility risk.

By combining the strength of BTC with innovative DeFi solutions, $BITU offers users an opportunity to earn higher yields while preserving the stability of their assets. Through its unique approach, BitU Protocol aims to break the boundaries and limitations of traditional stablecoins, ushering in a new era of financial empowerment and inclusion in the DeFi space.

One of the most innovative components of the BitU protocol is its Active Liquidity Management Module (ALMM). This module plays a vital role in:

  • Risk Management and Portfolio Liquidation

  • Providing Initial Liquidity for $BITU

  • Earning Yield through Delta-Neutral Strategies

  • Redemption of $BITU and Collateral Assets

What is the general idea behind ALMM?

ALMM (Active Liquidity Management Module) leverages off-chain liquidity and transaction efficiency to generate higher yields for on-chain funds. By securely and transparently utilizing off-chain activities, ALMM enables users to achieve enhanced returns and capital efficiency compared to purely on-chain scenarios.

BitU Protocol employs ALMM to optimize yield and liquidity, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and transparency through partnerships with leading audit and custody providers.

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